BBC Internet Services

BBC Multicast trial

The previous phase of the trial ran from 2006-02-23 to 2006-08-30 providing most BBC and ITV channels in various formats through the public site The user interface was a simple set of links on a page intended for early adopters/the technically literate.

The trial is still running but as a closed user group (password to access available on request, at our discretion) whilst we prepare for the next phase - inclusion of the live, multicast, channels in iPlayer.

iPlayer is the follow on from IMP integrating live and VoD delivery of BBC channels plus other media on the BBC site. iPlayer is in beta pending approval for launch mid 2007 adding a nice user interface to the multicast trail content.

ISPs that missed our publicity at LINX in Jan 2004, Xchangepoint July 2004, LINX Aug 2005, Jan 2006 and Nov 2006 should email It's not too late to join in, a number of ISPs with larger infrastructure are quietly working on it.

As before this is a UK only trial so the ISPs involved are required to not distribute the streams beyond the UK (i.e. areas covered by the license fee).

We intend looking at international services later, ISPs should let us know where you'd like to meet us. So far we have interest from parts of Europe, Australia and the USA.