This is not a complete list. It is an example of available feeds on the BBC.
All data exists under the Feed Terms of Use.

Radio and Music Feeds

Name: BBC Radio and Music content

Abstract: XML files of the programmes available for download

Format: XML

Description: Data containing the feed for the MP3 of programmes available for download or updated content.

How often is it updated? Ad Hoc

Stability: stable; it's live


Radio 1 XML Feed
Stay up to date with the latest news and features from BBC Radio 1

External Links
You must check out the T&C's for each of these feeds. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Audioscrobbler Feeds:
Feeds of recent tracks played by 'x' user by the awesome Audioscrobbler / service

iTunes RSS Streams:
By country. Including top tunes, top albums, recently added and more.

All the BBC Radio and Music feeds in one OPML file

in the OPML file, there is a XML element with some interesting attributes.

<bbcstats genres="Urban|Music|Sport|News & Current
Affairs|Factual|Comedy & Quizzes|Entertainment|Religion & Ethics|Arts &
Drama|Classical|World|Pop & Chart|Rock &
Indie|Science|Childrens|History|Folk & Country|Jazz|Classic Pop &
Rock|Music Documentaries|Blues Soul & Reggae|Dance|Soap|Experimental"
rssencs="mp3|m4a" rsstype="audio-download"/>

style: lo-fi | hi-fi