BBC Peering

...and all this is possible thanks to the unique way the BBC is funded...

In order to get the BBC's online content as close as possible to our viewers, and in the most efficient manner, we are establishing peering with ISPs, both directly and at Internet Peering Points.

Our peering policy is as follows:

Here is a list of the Internet Peering Points at which we currently have a presence:

Peering Point Location AS Number IP Address Connection Speed Announcing
LINX Telehouse Docklands,
Redbus Sovereign House
2 * 10 GigE AS-BBC
LoNAP Telehouse Docklands 2818
2 * 10 GigE AS-BBC
IXmancheser Telecity Manchester 2818 2 * 10GigE AS-BBC
AMS-IX1 Telecity 2, Amsterdam 2818 GigE AS-BBC
DE-CIX1 Frankfurt, Germany 2818 GigE AS-BBC
1: Unfortunately, the BBC is not, currently, accepting any requests for peering at these sites.

Our routing policies for these peering points are registed with the IRR at RIPE.

If you're interested in peering with us at one of the above peering points, or as a private peer please contact us at

Contact details:

Role Name Telephone Fax Email
Peering (via NOC) Ask for Peering Co-ordinator +44 1618 360000
NOC OTG 24/7 team +44 1618 360000 (24x7)